Crowns & Bridges Los Angeles

Dr. Farzad and his wonderful and highly trained staff offer expert dental restoration including crowns and bridges. It is our number one goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxed setting for our patients undergoing this procedure.

Dental bridges are a type of dental restoration that is used to replace one or more teeth by adjoining them to create a bridge. This includes the new replacement tooth.

The bridge is fabricated by decreasing the adjacent teeth, including determining the position of the tooth and the material in which the bridge is created with.

When a tooth has degraded due to decay, an effective treatment option can be a crown, which is used to restore the tooth’s overall strength and durability.

The first step needed to create a crown is capturing the tooth impression using polyvinyl siloxane, a rubbery like substance. The next step is removing portions of the tooth until the decay is fully removed.

Our office will then create a temporary crown that is used temporarily until the permanent crown is manufactured. On your return visit the new crown is permanently fitted and cemented into place.