Encino Dental Implants

At Dr. Philip Farzad Dentistry in Encino we are the authority for high quality and affordable dental implants. Our wonderful practice provides an alternative to the large and impersonal dental office experience, by offering caring and personalized dentistry.

Prior to commencement of the dental implant procedure, we carefully identify key structures of the jaw and adjacent teeth. A dental implant involves a root device commonly consisting of a titanium "screw-like" foundation that resembles a tooth root, and provides a solid base for dental caps. The root-form bonds with the jaw of the patient, in a process called Osseointegration that fuses the titanium and bone of the jaw together.

Dental implants not only provide you with natural looking replacement teeth, but also help prevent periodontal diseases that can occur due to the large gap formed by an absent tooth. Without a bridge or crown, the missing tooth will allow adjacent teeth to shift, causing additional damage.

We understand that choosing the right dentist for you or a loved one is a difficult process. However, with Dr. Farzad's experience and knowledge attained from extensive, continued education, you will know you are in the right hands. Please call (818) 905-7787 today to schedule a dental implant consultation.