Root Canal Encino

Dr. Farzad Dentistry provides expert root canal procedures to repair and save severely decayed or infected teeth. Root canals have the reputation for being painful yet most report little or no pain thanks to the proper anesthetic. Tooth aches experienced before getting treatment are the most painful part of the "root canal" experience.

When dental pulp, the soft inner section of a tooth gets damaged, it breaks down and bacteria begins to form reproducing in the pulp chamber. A root canal is performed by removing the dental pulp and the tooth's nerve, therefore removing all of the potentially infected and decayed sections of a tooth.

Unattended teeth requiring root canals can have extensive consequences including bone loss, and swelling that may spread to the neck and face.

Some signs that you possibly need a root canal are a darkening of a tooth, extreme sensitivity, and or swelling. Occasionally a tooth requiring a root canal will not show any symptoms.

We understand that requiring a root canal can be a very stressful situation, some have comfort that our number one priority is to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout your procedure.